Friday, October 12, 2007

Dyno Chart

The idea was to get three dyno readings - one as she was when I bought her at the end of last year, a second after all the 'non engine' tuning modifications had been made, and a third when I eventually get round to the head porting and high-comp pistons. Probably also be good to get some when playing around with the TCI-P4 programmable ignition.

The green line was the stock run (apart from a set of Termi's) taken the day before she was dismantled, the red line was taken yesterday. She's now
making 85.4hp and 75.2ft-lbs torque (at the crank) with MUCH smoother delivery.
According to this, peak power is being made at 6637RPM. This is a little early compared to most graphs I've seen for these engines. As the stock carbs topped out at the same point though, I'm wondering whether this particular dyno's readings are slightly off? Might be worth getting another run on a different dyno just to make sure.