Saturday, May 26, 2007

Lowering the Headlamp

One of the main reasons for getting rid of the instrument cluster, was to enable the visual line of the bike to flow downwards towards the front, following the curve of the tank and giving it a more aggressive look. The stock position of the headlamp looked a little too high, especially now that the gauges have gone, so we’ve lowered it by about an inch.

I’m really not sure about the stock headlamp. It’s certainly iconic, but perhaps not the look I’m after for this bike. The problem is trying to find a better looking alternative. A small bikini fairing with mini twins might be the way to go, or perhaps when it arrives one from the new style 2008 Monster, we'll see.

One thing that is being changed in the meantime however, is the finish of the rim. Chrome doesn’t feature anywhere else on this bike, so it looks a little out of place. Instead I've tried a brushed aluminium look, echoing the tips of the MIVV cans at the other end of the bike. A little better...perhaps.

Ducati Performance carbon fibre headlamp casing (Motowheels) has been painted satin black by Jacksons.