Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Picked up the tank and cowl this morning from Brooklands Auto Body (Dalkeith). I spent what seemed an eternity deciding on a colour scheme for this bike, eventually going with the red frame because I thought it would give some versatility when it came to changing the tank/cowl in the future.

The pearlescent white with red stripe of the new S4RS, was by no means the most original option, but arguably better than anything I managed to come up with. I absolutely love this colour scheme.

The new bikes are done using a sticker kit, but Rae (Brooklands) wanted to mask it and paint it instead. The result? I shit you not, it is simply UNBELIEVABLE!!! He already blew us away with the job he did on the frame, and now this. The guy is brilliant!

Unfortunately no picture I can take will ever do justice to that pearescent white.