Thursday, March 01, 2007


As mentioned before, we've replaced the stock clocks with something a little more subtle, a Motoscope MINI from Motogadget. It certainly won't be to everyone's taste, and to be honest I'm not entirely convinced myself yet.

I was running the 750 without clocks simply because I loved the look of the uniterupted flow of the line from the top of the tank down to the front of the bike. This was a compromise to staying legal this time.

It's not a bad wee thing actually, with the following functions: Rev Counter (LED Band); Rev Counter (Numeric); RPM Threshold/Gear Shift light; Speedometer; Trip Odometer; Total Odometer (Adjustable) and Trip Time.

The speedo works using a magnet and a sensor. The magnet is attached to one of the bolts on the rear wheel. We made a small bracket for the sensor and mounted it using the hole in the rear brake calliper hanger. The thin wire follows (and is hidden by) the rear brake line back to the cylinder, then follows (and is hidden by) the rear brake switch back into the main loom.