Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Re-Wiring the Loom

One of the first things we did with the M750 was to get rid of the cable ties from the frame. Its not difficult to do, even with the loom still in there, but starting from scratch again like this is a great opportunity to really tidy things up.
First thing is to bandage up the frame to protect it from being scratched.

The plan is run a much smaller LED speedo/tacho, so we want to try and reduce the amount of wiring clutter that normally gets hidden behind the larger stock clocks. We want take the two connectors (headlamp and starter/kill switch) that traditionally attach to the inside of the headlamp brackets and move them to behind the steering stem, attaching them to the black plastic cover that hides the regulator. The headlamp wiring will reach, but the starter/kill switch wiring will need to be cut, soldered and lengthened.

We won't be running front indicators, so these wires can be brought back and hidden beneath the tank, as can the entire warning light loom. While we were here, we re-located the horn.

The second thing we wanted to achieve with the loom, was to run it, along with the fuel lines, across the top of the cam belt casing (as oppose to in front of it, as comes standard). Again, dead easy to do when you have the lines already out of the frame. We just made some simple brackets to hold the whole lot in place, hopefully preventing it from wandering too close to the vertical cylinder.

There should be enough clearance between the lines and the heat from cylinder head, but just to be doubly sure, we decided to insulate them at the closest point. For this we used Thermal Sleeving (from Heatshield Products) capable of withstanding up to 1100 F continuous, and then holding it in place with CFT Cool Foil Tape (again from Heatshield Products), itself capable of withstanding 1000 F radiant and 450 F direct. Probably way over the top, but better safe than sorry.